Who We Are

The Primed Property story began more than 15 years ago when our co-founders began investing in property.

Along the way we have given a lot of investment advice to friends and family, found them great property deals and even set companies up for them not to mention gaining years of experience and making great relationships in the industry.

Fast forward to 2018, given the quickly changing UK property laws and the sheer demand from people to invest with us, we formed Primed Property, a property investment business that makes your money work hard, so you don't have to, giving you more time, more money and more freedom.

Meet The Team

Danny McCreath  


Danny is our key man in the UK and works closely with many of our UK based investors. He also deals with the purchase and management of all of our UK portfolios as well as sourcing opportunities for Primed Property, our clients and our partners.

David McCreath


David specialises predominantly within the acquisition region of the business. His expertise and broad range of experience in purchase negotiation steers Primed Property towards our long term vision in the UK. David, alongside Samir also works with our expat/foreign investors and international business ventures.

Samir Ranavaya


Samir's extensive experience in international business and economics puts him in a prime position to develop and drive the business towards our long term vision in the UK. Samir, alongside David also works with our expat / foreign investors and international business ventures.

From the very beginning our aim at Primed Property was to make property investing simple and accessible for everyone at every level and we firmly believe that with the right people, short or long term property investment can be safe, secure and a win win for everyone involved.

Keeping that point in mind, collectively we decided from the outset that Primed Property only has one R.U.L.E;

Returns paid on time

We say what we do and we do what we say. Our reputation means everything to us and our track record speaks for itself.

Uncomplicated process

We make things simple. You invest your money; we repay you with a high % interest. It really is and should be that easy.

Low risk

Our property portfolios are intelligent, diverse and strategic to guarantee the best possible returns for our clients even in economic downturns.

Expert knowledge

Our team and close network have more than 80 years' combined experience to ensure we make the right decisions at the right time to maintain our strong, stable growth.

Do you need to put your money to work?
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