How To Invest With Us

We believe that investing should be simple and straightforward which it can be. Our intention from the start at Primed Property was not to over complicate things and not to hide behind figures or complicated graphs.

What do you want to achieve from your investment? This is the first and most important question we ask everybody. We are here to build wealth through property investment and you can be on the same journey with us. Understanding more about your financial goals and time frames lets us utilise your money within our portfolios bringing you closer to financial freedom.

Below are 3 examples of investment with us that we regularly use but of course there are more bespoke options depending on your circumstances.

Mid-term investment

Did you know that your cash in the bank is actually losing its value? £10,000 today is worth less than £10,000 20 years ago. That's why most of our clients simply want to move their money somewhere safe for a fixed amount of time and enjoy a higher % interest, stress free, hands off, guaranteed passive income return. If you don't make your money work for you, the bank will always be making it work for them!

When you look at it this way and you have savings sitting idle it makes perfect sense to invest on a fixed return basis with us. This is how you put your money to work! The interest rate we pay back to you is fixed and over an agreed length of time. This is occasionally what our clients do with us to begin with. We understand that investing your hard earned money can sometimes be daunting when venturing into the unknown. This is a time tested way for us to show you what we can do.

Long-term investment

Our clients that are investing larger amounts longer term want to increase their wealth in the same way, by getting a high % passive rental income, but with a greater time commitment they can create generational wealth for their family and a legacy to pass on to their children. In this situation we would form a JV (joint venture) company making the investor joint shareholders with Primed Property giving partial ownership as we move forward together. This solution gives you long term security, monthly passive income forever, assets that you own and all your money back as equity is released from the property.


Primed Property also have clients/partners both in UK and abroad that want to be more hands on, have the experience and expertise or have companies themselves. We provide a property sourcing service to find and agree UK property deals ready to purchase. We also offer much more by managing renovations, advising and guiding you through the purchase, helping new investors set up their own companies in the correct way and also giving access to our network of experienced brokers, accountants and developers. If you want to be more involved, we can get you on track to help you on your property journey.

We're sure you will have lots of questions for us at this point. Contact us at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch for friendly coffee and a chat.

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